About Us

With the critically acclaimed launch of Lineage, Taiwan’s first highly popularized internet-based online game, as well as our other outstanding titles like , Prehistoricpark, Ninja 7pk & Starteams 5pk, Collector, GoodHandGames stands at the core of the global online game market.

GoodHandGames continues to challenge itself in ever-growing ways and advance as a leading global entity. Through extensive research and development, and continued worldwide expansion, it strives to create a better, brighter and more enjoyable future.

Company established.
Moved to Putuo District, Shanghai, and started to deploy Image Recognition and video compression technology.
Relocated to Guangzhou

Built a data center in Guangzhou, Tianhe District, the company is renamed to RicoGaming.

Formerly started business relationships in South East Asia countries

Main line of business as game marketing operations.

Built a big data database

Built a new information service in Guangzhou, and considered to move to Shenzhen for a more diversified human resources.

Moved to Shenzhen

Moved to Shenzhen, Futian District. At the same time, invested in Shenzhen GoodPlay Technology, started to develop Mobile Communication Software.

End of Guangzhou Ricogaming era

Moved to Shenzhen, Futian District and built a strong game development team. Moved most man power to Shenzhen, finished the mobile communication system at the same year.

GuanHua Soft is established in Taiwan, planning a schedule of publicly traded company

Established GuanHua Soft in Taiwan, and merged with PCG group to establish a publicly traded company in England. Focused on Game related products for the market, and joined operation with many other companies.

Change publicly traded status

Ended the cooperation relationship with PCG group and the company went private, at the same year, published Texas Hold'em poker games, and released on the Taiwanese media for the first time.

Child teaching and learning software

Published Learning Chinese Software, e-Baby, Yolondin, Hanada, etc...

Started a company in Taipei, Taiwan.

Company owned and operated game platform, "Uranus Online". Held two Guinness World Records for most number of players and established a game final round on the international cruise ship.

Race car game and Role Playing Game

Started to develop a race car physical engine, and RPG logics,

New Operation direction

Started to develop a race car physical engine, and RPG logics, and developed a large social gaming software, and research for large gaming platform, company size grow to 20 personals.

North Vietnam, Vịnh Hạ Long

Built 10 tables Live Casino Software System in Vinh Ha Long.

Step into Slot Machine market

Planning to step into the casino style slot machine, and purchase equipment.

Established the first step

Finished about 10 plus odds games, and started mobile game development. Invest time in Unity3D development.

Finished up the basic architecture for the large game platform

Finished up the basic architecture for the large game platform, optimized the database structure.


Officially work with Macau's HengSheng group, included planning for ON LINE Casino.

The Philippines

Work with New World development company in the Philippines to develop resort and casino, including On Line Casino and Brick and Mortar Casino.

Planning for taking company public

Officially planning for taking the company public as our goal, and making time line.

Achieve the medium term goal

Finished 60 plus odds games, and first mobile game went live, and rolling out Unity 3D games.

Achieve milestone

Finished 90 plus odds games, and three mobile games went live. Worked with Boyaa interactive in Shenzhen, worked with IAH group in Singapore for a joint operation, worked with Sky Beens Group to release new products.