About Us


To make people happy after they have contacted our products.

Guanhua's mission statement is make every partner and customers happier with our products, in the other words, create a pleasant experience between customers and us.


Soft, Firmness, Toughness.

Soft: Our team is built on trust and emotion, there is no communication barriers.

Firmness: Our products and service are excellence, we are proud of company's products, the company is strong and service orientated.

Toughness: We created the real value, and provide the best to our clients. We always doing the best we can provide.


Never hesitate to do what's cool and right.

Be brave to do what's cool and right.

Create team's value and products' value to better cooperative and sales relations.

And full implementation of our creativity and innovation and we hope because of our presence we can make the world a better place.