CMK Gaming International, Inc. Announces Forward Stock Split

September 15, 2016 -- Salt Lake City, CMK Gaming International, Inc. (OTC PINK: "CMKI") announced that it has completed a 100 for 1 forward stock split became effective on September 15, 2016. The current stock symbol has a "D" placed on it (CMKID) but after 20 days, the symbol will revert back to CMKI.

As a result of the forward stock split the current shares outstanding of the company are 30,453,400. The Company plans to expand their inventory and develop additional partners in the industry.

About CMK Gaming International, Inc. CMK Gaming International, Inc. In October 2013, the company purchased a Nevada corporation known as CMK Gaming International, Inc., which owned and operated three pachinko parlors in Japan. The Company's gaming division will offer customers the opportunity to play pachinko upon completion of the game. Please visit the company's website at located on the OTC website, at to learn more about the CMKI Gaming International, Inc. PLEASE REFER TO THE CMKI'S WEBSITE FOR A STATEMENT REGARDING ITS FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS AT: